Today we're going to talk about the details of what men wear. First we're going to look at the belt called the face of the man's waist. Is the decorative belt, some friends love to carry pagers, mobile phones and so on on the belt. This will very affect the decorative belt, look neither concise nor capable. Second, the length of the belt. Once tied, the belt should end somewhere between the first and second leg, neither too short nor too long. Third, the width of the belt. A belt that is too narrow will make a man lose his masculinity, and a belt that is too wide is only suitable for casual, cowboy bebe en site sitor we web fashion corset clothing style. General belt width should be kept at 3 cm. Also, don't make the belt buckle and zipper not in line when tying the belt, it will be funny.Clothing style, color can have an impact on body shape

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