Tips to increase labor productivity

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How to increase labor productivity is one of the issues that most concern companies and organizations that want to make their investment in personnel profitable. But let’s go a step further: shouldn’t increasing this productivity also be a priority for professionals? Today, young and old, we have to compete to enter and remain in an increasingly competitive, tough and complicated economic scenario. Knowing certain tricks, tips or advice to increase labor productivity can be the key that opens that door to a profitable professional future for you and for the company that decides to incorporate you into its valuable team. Thus, we are going to write down four tips for professionals from professional essay writer that will help them improve their labor productivity and three useful tips for employers to increase the labor productivity of their valuable team.

Advice for professionals:


Nowadays, companies are looking for a profile of self-employed employees who have the ability to plan their schedule and the priority of their tasks. Being organized, having the ability to make lists of tasks and fulfill them, foreseeing possible delays in deadlines and participating in the scheduling of projects is a quality sought by talent recruiters, but it is also excellent advice that will allow you to increase your labor productivity almost without realizing it.

Avoid the “time thieves”

In the jargon of business productivity we call “time thieves” all those distractions that interrupt the concentration of the team and, thus, reduce labor productivity. Checking our profiles in social networks every two or three days, sending a WhatsApp (or ten), retuiting an “urgent” message, chatting with your table neighbor, etc., are important distractions to avoid in order to reinforce labor productivity.

Take controlled breaks

Resting for a few minutes between tasks, stretching your arms and legs, having a coffee or taking a short walk is not a time thief, it is a necessity. Taking small breaks during the working day will not only improve your productivity, it will also avoid backaches, headaches, irritation, nervousness, stress…

Beware of procrastination

Tough word, isn’t it? Actually we all procrastinate sometime, that is: we all put off those tasks we don’t like to do. Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today is not the best idea to increase your productivity, so, you know…

Tips for entrepreneurs:

The active rest

The most modern and productive companies have cafeterias, dining rooms or small rooms where employees can relax for a few minutes over a cup of coffee, hold an impromptu meeting, etc. That space dedicated to the active rest is one of your best assets to minimize the physical and mental exhaustion of your team, fight against the Burnout Syndrome (burned worker) and improve their productivity.

The mobile learning

The M-Learning, Mobile Learning or learning through the cell phone is a modality of continuous training that has more followers every day. Proposing to our team training activities to recycle their knowledge, skills and abilities is not only a measure that will improve their professional skills, it is also an application of that policy of motivation so necessary to improve labor productivity.


Every day more companies are betting on allowing their talents to work from home. Teleworking has many advantages for both the company and the worker: cost reduction in furniture and computer equipment, reconciliation of family and personal life… Benefits of teleworking that translate into increased work productivity and, thus, business profitability.

Want more tips that will help you improve work productivity?

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