International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Science (ICCS 2022)

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Start Date: 2022-10-03
End Date: 2022-10-05
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Crowne Plaza Rome – St. Peter’s Via Aurelia Antica 415 Rome, 00165, Italy


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Researchers, Chemical Science specialists, Chemists, Industrialists, and Business Delegates from all over the world are invited to present their research papers at the International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Science (ICCS 2022) on October 03-05, 2022 in Rome, Italy. “Advanced Research and Techniques in Catalysis and Chemical Science” will be the theme. Advanced synthesis, Catalytic systems and innovative catalyst design, Industrial Catalysis and Process Engineering, Catalysis for Renewable Sources, Bio refineries, Advances in Catalysis and Chemical Engineering, and many other topics will be discussed in the scientific programme.

Most Recent Advances on Catalysis

The development of thermal catalytic processes based on transition metals (TM) supported on zeolites (TM/Z), as well as theoretical studies to better understand the details of catalytic processes.

The structural characteristics of zeolites, as well as their corresponding properties such as ion exchange capacity, stable and very regular microporosity, the ability to create additional mesoporosity, and the potential chemical modification of their properties through isomorphic substitution of tetrahedral atoms in the crystal framework, distinguish them as unique catalyst carriers. Hierarchical zeolites are micro-mesoporous materials made from conventional zeolites that have pores of various types and sizes added to them. In materials like layered pillared zeolites, these pores might be intracrystalline, intercrystalline or inner space.

The latest process developments using similar catalysts to address current challenges in a variety of environmentally important and rapidly evolving processes in the fields of green chemistry, environmental protection and sustainable energy production. Current challenges in the field of environmental protection and sustainable energy production are inspiring the development of catalytic processes both for direct removal of pollutants and for cleaner and less energy-intensive production. The existing focus is on the development and implementation of processes inspired by the growing understanding that humanity must turn hazardous waste into valuable products, combining the removal of pollutants with the production of vital materials.


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