Digital Payments 2021 – The future of Payments

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Start Date: 2021-03-11
End Date: 2021-03-11
Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Phone: +1-888-717-2436

Location: 6201 America Center Drive Suite 240 San Jose, CA 95002, USA


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The aim of this webinar is to provide a comprehensive understanding of today’s payments infrastructures together with a considered view as to where the payments industry is heading.

Technology, innovations and new participants have changed payments forever. The pace of change is ever accelerating. What was big, bright and new yesterday is old-hat today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already changed payments in a massive way and promises to continue to do so. What has already changed and what can we still expect?

Banks, non-banks and even big tech are all vying for a dominant position in this critical field, which lies at the heart of all activities that involve a payment. Regulators too have joined in the fray.

So, what does the future hold? Join us and find out.

Do you understand the full range of payments now available?
Are you aware of all the new initiatives in the local and international payments space?
What new features in mobile payments are available?
Do you know who all the players are in the new payments world?
What are the risk factors to all the participants in this new payments arena?
How is regulation going to affect all the participants?
What new initiatives are in the payments pipeline?
How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything?

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Organized by :  Complianceonline

About the Organizers :

This webinar examines the current state of the payments industry - from the complexity of the current payments landscape, the growing range of bank and non-bank participants, the ever-increasing range of payments methods, interfaces and systems, open banking, regulation and the future payments scene. We also look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to affect payments.