Data Visualisation

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Start Date: 2021-04-26
End Date: 2021-04-27
Time: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Phone: 066832227

Location: ONLINE


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This two-day training workshop aims to provide delegates with an accessible and comprehensive understanding about the craft of data visualisation.

The focus of the training is how to effectively communicate data visually. The teaching will attendees to know what to think, when to think and how to think about all the editorial, analytical and design decisions involved in any data-driven challenge.

This workshop will be relevant for anyone who has a responsibility for making sense of data and communicating it to others. Whether this activity is only part of your job or fills all of your duties, this session is intended for any participant demographic. You might be an analyst, statistician, or researcher looking to enhance the creativity and impact of your communications. Perhaps you possess creative flair, as a designer or developer, and you’re seeking to enhance the rigour of your data-driven capabilities? Maybe you do not personally get involved in the analysis or presenting of data but manage others who do. We are all consumers of data visualisations in our daily lives, via media and through the workplace, whether we realise or not, so improving the sophistication of how one reads, interprets and evaluates the effectiveness of such displays is a key literacy.

The approach to teaching this subject is not framed around specific tools or applications. Across the session there will be references to some of the most common, contemporary technologies but the emphasis of this training is about the underlying craft, regardless of your tools or skills.

The training is structured around a proven design process. Across the session delegates will build up, stage by stage, a detailed understanding of all the different aspects of decision-making that goes into any data visualisation project, whether it is for a one-off or recurring project, for simple or complex applications.

The content is delivered through a energetic blend of teaching, discussion, and practice. The exercise and workshop activities vary in nature, from critically evaluating visualisations and exploring data, through to sketching ideas and choosing effective charts. Each activity is designed to reinforce the learning acquired at each stage.

The most crucial pre-requisite is curiosity – an instinct for and interest in discovering and sharing insights from data – and an appetite to find a fresh approach to communicating data through visual representation and presentation. No other technical or skill-based prerequisite. Attendees should be willing to contribute to and learn from discussions during class exercise activities and do so in a respectful and constructive manner.

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