Conducting Performance Appraisal Sessions Successfully

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Start Date: 2020-08-04
End Date: 2020-08-05
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Phone: +6562204008

Location: PSB Academy Singapore


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Performance appraisal is an unavoidable supervisory activity as employees look forward to understand how their superior views their performance. Linking performance appraisal to rewards makes the session even more sensitive to handle.

Just how can the appraiser handle such a delicate situation with control and confidence? How can the appraiser deal with different employee styles? How can the appraiser give feedback based on well documented facts? What are the characteristics of a good interview that appraisers can emulate?

Through video training, class exercises and discussion, this course will equip appraisers with knowledge, techniques and skills to conduct performance management with confidence.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • use documentation techniques to accurately record performance for feedback
  • interpret competencies to establish sound reasons for their ratings
  • give rating in a consistent manner and avoid common errors
  • discuss performance issues with the correct focus
  • carry out performance management as a continuous process


  • Pre-Course Test of Knowledge
    – Determine participants’ level of knowledge
  • Key to Successful Performance Management Cycle
    – Recognise performance management need to be carried out regularly and continuously throughout the year in order for a successful appraisal session
    – Recognise roles and key activities to participate at different parts of performance management cycle
  • Understanding KPIs & Goal Setting
    – Set work standards based on job duties
    – Appreciate strategic planning process
    – Align themselves with organisational KPIs & individual accountabilities
    – Write clear & SMART goals
    – Interpret competencies consistently to establish sound reasons for ratings
  • Coaching & Timely Intervention
    – Appreciate the power of regular coaching and timely feedback in helping employees to achieve their goals
    – Use critical incidence technique to accurately record employee performance
    – Deploy GROW coaching methodology to help employee progress forward towards their goals
  • Reviewing Assessment Criteria
    – Apply appropriate technique to rate consistently
  • Preparing for Appraisal Interview
    – Discuss performance issues with correct focus
    – Prepare a discussion agenda
    – Structure an effective communication plan for better receptivity 
  • Process & Techniques to Manage Different Employees
    – Diagnosis of employee types in appraisal discussion
    – Sharing of practical tips to manage different employee
    – Practice situational assessment & application of appropriate strategies
  • Post-Course Test of Knowledge
    – Consolidate learning for the entire course
    – As a summative assessment to determine extent of knowledge retention

Who should attend

All team and project leaders, supervisors, executives and managers who need to appraise.


Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of lectures, case studies, video training, class exercises and group discussions.

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