Foot socks don't have to worry about the toes and heels of the socks wear holes, wear longer than socks. It's also good to wear socks that match the color of your pant or wear stockings that tie up your pant. You can choose to wear stockings, winter must be ready to add velvet, you can choose 400 grams 600 grams according to demand, but too thick words will be very bloated, in the outdoor stay time is very short without velvet can also support, so it is suggested to consider the outdoor stay time. Personally, I don't pursue the bare-leg effect, and fleece tights have nothing to do Dog clothing Plus Size fashion Kitchen Tools Cheap Corset Bustier tops maternity dresses with the bare-leg effect. Cotton knee-high socks are great! It was cold in the middle of winter with bare legs! That's when bubble socks come in handy. uniform

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